THE REHACOM (Rehabilitation Program)

Training needs to be a multi-dimensional approach to the learning process. We are able to offer The Rehacom system to fill the gap between training and learning.

The Rehacom is a modular training tool, which is computer driven. The Rehacom is essentially a rehabilitation unit for various brain and neurologically related problems.

Where is it used?

The unit has been implemented in the industrial sector as a training tool to address the areas that the Dover test identifies as weak areas.

What does it address?

  • Attention & Concentration:  Aligns with the Cognitrone (of the Dover Test) as well as the Shapes of the DRT     


  • Reaction Behaviour: Aligns with the Determination Test (DT of Dover) as well as the Shapes and Recognition of the DRT.

  •   Tracking or Movement: Aligns with the 2Hand Co-ordination and ZBA of the Dover or the tracking of the DRT

  •  Visual Field training: Aligns with the Cognitrone and Signal Detection Test of the Dover Test, as well as Shapes of the DRT


**The Rehacom fits in nicely between the Dover Test (VTS), the DRT (Dover Reaction Test),  our Procedural Trainers (Simulators) or other training techniques.