Also known as the Dover “Light” Test, based on the principles of the Dover Test (from the VTS batteries, Landeter (LN-Deter) batteries and independent tools).

A self contained identification and reaction test with a built in 7” inch screen and input buttons for response. 

The tests are:

1.        Eye-hand-foot identification

2.        Tracking tasks

3.        Speed-distance estimation

4.        Shape recognition

5.        Fatigue and

6.        Peripheral perceptive tasks

These tasks are aimed at a Pre-selection market, which requires group testing and reporting.

The test units are free standing but linked by the Wi-Fi allowing for remote use.  Powered by a 12Volt system and rugged, they work best in “out-of-the-way” conditions.

Reporting is simple and based on percentage correct response to profile “good, average or problematic”.


The DRT measures:

  •  Visual and auditory recognition
  • Shape, Recognition (Spatial Perception)
  • Tracking and distance judgement
  • Split Attention (Close and peripheral)



  • The test has pre-programmed modules for simplification of use
  • Results are automated, no special qualifications required
  • Easy cut-off system for recognition of good, average or poor skills and competency
  • Can be used away- or on site using a 12Volt battery (Solar panel soon)
  • Can link up to 8 units for remote site/large group recruitment drives
  • Tests based on Universally accepted repeatable, face valid and constructs
  • Culture free and fair (generic)